more about loving home…

I am a city girl. The thought of having to live in the suburbs really does make me shudder. The thought of having to live in the country truly scares me. One day, I may come to a place in my life where a nice piece of land in the bush is an attractive option but for now, it’s great to visit and even better to come home.

How cool would it be to live in the urban centre of city of 4million people and still be only a 5 minute walk from the most amazing living urban/rural retreat in the whole world?!! We do!!!!

Imagine a place with no cars, a huge community garden, a market garden, an urban orchard, an indigenous and permaculture plant nursery, an organic produce market, a great cafe, a sustainability centre, an eco house, an Aboriginal, an Indonesian and an African educational village and a million other community and environmental initiatives…Imagine! Imagine having lived less than a kilometre from such a place for many years and having only had the epiphany about how very cool it is two days ago. Imagine taking such a place for granted!!

I have a confession to make. I have lived 5 minutes from this place for the last 6 years and though I have appreciated it at times, I’ve mostly taken it for granted. No longer! I am so lucky to live where I live and everyday I am more confident and more secure in my decision to stay here.


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