The Waiting Game

Have I mentioned that I’m an Aries? Well I am. And one of my key Aries traits is my lack of patience. I’ve been wanting a baby forever and ever and ever. For the last 3 years, I’ve been serious about wanting a baby and have developed patience that I never thought possible. I have been really waiting for the last 2 years.

This week has been my newest and hardest challenge yet. Waiting to ovulate. Arghhhh. It’s killing me. I thought that I had become pretty excellent at this patience thing but I don’t know if I can hold out anymore. 2 sleeps until our first insemination. I’ve already got 3 pregnancy tests waiting for me. It took all my will not to buy more when I was out today. Even though I *know* that it’s pointless, I’ve been peeing on sticks just to make sure I’m not about to ovulate early. (FTR – I have a perfect cycle. I don’t ovulate early, I don’t bleed late. It’s a waste of money to be doing this. I *know*.)

Meanwhile, I’m drinking my green tea, taking my evening primrose oil, drinking plenty of water and chugging back my pregnancy multi’s like it were a religion. There is no way that my fertility won’t be in pristine condition come insemination day.

About 55 hours to go!!!


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