The bad news is that my wallet and phone were stolen from my bag on the train this morning. I was on my way to a professional development session and seriously engrossed in my book while listening to my iPod. Big mistake on a train at peak hour. (Was it lucky that I had my ipod in my pocket and hence it wasn’t stolen…or, were I not listening to the iPod, would I have been paying more attention? I guess we’ll never know.)

The good news is that they found my wallet (which I love and was mourning deeply) – of course the money was gone but everything else was still there so at least I don’t have to get a new license and all of that nonsense.

The really good (but somewhat expensive) news is that I got a new phone! I love me a new toy. I try so hard to not love stuff so a real reason to get new toys is very exciting to me. Said new phone may just distract me long enough to make it to insemination day!!!

I never did make it to the prof dev session.

28 hours to go.


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