dpo = days past ovulation

Spring may have sprung but it seems that the seeds aren’t being fertilised as quickly as I would have liked. It turns out that I’m actually only 9dpo not 10 as I had thought (hoped). That means that the negative result on the home pregnancy test I took this morning isn’t quite as demoralising as I feared but it also means an even longer wait.

In this alternate world I’m living in, minutes take days to pass. Days take years. It’s made harder by the fact that only a handful of people IRL know that we’re in the 2ww. I’m a talker – and I’m generally pretty open about my life, this secret keeping thing is tough.

I’m sure my mum is onto us though…she just called again to see if we had ‘any news.’ That’s the 3rd time she’s asked this week. It’s true, mothers just know this stuff don’t they?


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