This is our tortoiseshell kitty. She’s about 5 and she’s hard work – they don’t call them naughty torties for nothing. The fact that even blogspot managed to delete the photo of her from my previous post is perhaps a comment on how we sometimes feel about her. When she is sweet, she’s very very sweet. Unfortunately, most of the time she’s terrorising our other cat, ripping up our furniture, smashing glasses off the dining table or eating directly from the pot on the stove. 90% of the time she hisses and spits if we try to go near her. Rescue Remedy helps, so does homecooked food but nothing really helps. Of course, as I write this, she’s being very sweet, basking on the sunny window sill in front of me. One day I’m going to get struck down by lightening for trying to give her away, but until that day, anyone want a naughty tortie?



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3 responses to “Forgotten

  1. frog

    I’d take her in a red-hot second. Sounds like she’d give our Mason a run for his money!

    Do you deliver to Michigan? 🙂

  2. Chips

    I’ve heard about you cat collector types! :p

    Her name is Millie – it has a nice ring with Mason, dontcha think?

    If quarantine will accept a non-vaxed kitty, I’ll ship her out to you tomorrow lol 🙂

  3. starrhillgirl

    Omg! This looks just like my Bad Cat. They are the worst, aren’t they? My Fifi rules the whole neighborhood – everyone shakes their heads over her. And, yes, I want to give her away a lot of the time.

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