Star signs

Looks like the stars are looking after me, and agreed that a Taurus partner AND a Taurus baby would be unfair on me. My period arrived about an hour ago. I’m disappointed but also relieved to have this waiting period over with. Does the two week wait get any easier?

Although it will be another test on my patience, I’m really glad that I have 6weeks to prepare for the next round. Our donor is going to Italy for the month so no insem in Sept. Maybe we’ll find ourselves with a sensitive Cancerian…not that I’ve already worked out due dates if we were to conceive in October..oh no..hehe…



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7 responses to “Star signs

  1. tiffany

    hey guys, just found your blog! just wanted to let you know that i will be following your journey! we are one canadian, one american and after 6 years (too!)we’re starting the whole ttc process. GOOD LUCK!

  2. Kim

    Oh, Im sorry ladies. Here’s hoping October will be YOUR month.

  3. Krystle

    Just found your blog too! I’ll be adding you to my blog “roll”. Its on my blog, the page titled “Not Alone.” Anyway-just wanted to say hi!


  4. Retired Waif

    I got pregnant last October…but went overdue and have a sweet little Leo-man! Best of luck!

  5. owl

    i too have been closely following star signs for the non-concieved baby for each failed cycle!
    the first cycle would have been an aries-not a good combi with me being a cancerian. this month was cancelled for taurus for us either so now we looking at a cancerian I am biased but i think a cancerian would fit in well with us!!
    heres hoping we both get a lovely caring and sensitive cancerian in 2008!

  6. Chips

    i’m an aries and i like cancers, but they tend not to like me. i’m not patient enough of their sensitive little selves. maybe a cancer baby could teach me a thing or two.

  7. Att

    So this is a bit late, but I just wanted to say this:

    I don’t want to be cursed with a Taurus partner and a Taurus baby either 😉

    And I say cursed in a lovingly manner

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