I’ve been asked many times about my motivation for wanting babies. Often, it’s come from young-ish friends who cannot fathom the responsibility it takes or from intentionally childless friends who can be somewhat offensive about their anti-child stance. Other times, however, it’s come from other women, who, like me, care deeply about social justice and the environment and are battling with the idea of more people on this planet. Their concern comes from a personal and political place and is certainly worthy of consideration.

I just want to add here that I am NOT a supporter of population control and see it, among other things, as Orwellian and VERY anti-woman.

However, on a rational level, why would anyone want to bring more children into this racist, war torn, resource depleted, consumer driven, sexist, violent, homophobic world? Who would want to expose the planet to more polluters? Who would want their kids having to face the VERY REAL possibility of running out of fresh water? (I’ve no doubt that the next major world war will be over water).

I’m not sure that I can come up with a genuinely sound answer so I’m going with pragmatism to get me through on this one but I will begin by saying that having children is not a rational decision – regardless of the circumstances. Nonetheless, we will bring our kids up to be warriors. They will grow up with the tools and values to promote a sustainable and peaceful world. They will genuinely know what it means to tread lightly on the earth. They will have great bullshit detectors. They will know about injustice. AND, if I’m really lucky, they will give a shit and want to make real, lasting change.

I still haven’t thought or read enough about this. Anyone care to share their thoughts or ideas? Can anyone point me to some good reading material on the matter?


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  1. starrhillgirl

    I don’t have any reading recs, but your description of how you see your children being in the world is lovely.
    (and, yes, this is my 2nd comment in as many minutes)

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