Before the first TTC attempt, I went in for a pre-conception once-over. I found this fantastic family doc who practices out of a holistic health centre and treats most things nutritionally and rarely prescribes drugs. I only went to see her because Ducks insisted on it. I’m pretty keen to limit the involvement of western medicine in my pregnancy so was generally a bit irritated about having to have the check-up. But, as Ducks pointed out, this is her process too and she would feel much more confident knowing that I was super healthy and fit for baby-making.

So, the doc seemed to think all was fine – my vital stats were great. She ordered a stack of blood work to check my levels but sent me on my way feeling pretty confident – even saying ‘so i’ll see you when you miss your period!’ I went off and had the tests and called for the results a couple of weeks later (I forgot about them for a while). Results were fine. Nothing to worry about. I was really thrilled.

Two weeks ago, the health centre rings and asks me to make an appointment to see the doctor. Apparently, the was something alarming in my test results that we need to address. Grrrr. ‘But weeks ago, you told me everything was fine.’ Hmph. A mix up, apparently.

Anyway, long story short…I’ve got a hypothyroid. I’m not desperately ridden with debilitating symptoms but a few things make sense now. I’ve been putting on weight more than usual lately. And my skin is bad, blotchy and itchy. I have very limited stamina – once I’m tired, I can rarely push myself. And though not depressed, have had trouble with motivation for most of this year.

Fortunately, I should be able to treat this nutritionally. Unfortunately, it can impact on fertility and conception but I’m determined to get this sorted out fast. I’m so glad though, that we figured this out now and not 12 months into a painful and fruitless TTC journey.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting up in bed, dying to go to the toilet but holding on until the pathology clinic opens so I can go and pee in a cup for them in order to run a few more tests. I’m not sure if I’ll make it!

And yay for Ducks insisting on that initial check-up. She might be a Taurus, and I might be an Aries, but sometimes – and only sometimes (!) she is right.



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2 responses to “thyroid

  1. vee

    Sorry to hear about the thyroid problem, though good that you picked it up early on. I’m very interested in hearing more about what changes you’ll need to make to manage it nutritionally – my initial tests also showed results which were borderline hypothroid, though my GP did not consider it serious enough to treat, despite knowing I am trying to get pregnant.

  2. Chips

    I haven’t sussed out doses or amounts yet but it looks like selenium, iodine and tyrosine are the way forward. Will keep you posted once I’ve seen the doc again.

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