my opinion

Apparently, I’m supposed to have an opinion on these dykes who are suing their IVF doctor because he implanted them with two eggs when they requested only one.

The case
Ordinarily, opinion is my second name but on this one, I’m stumped and I think I am stuck on the fence. One thing I am sure of though is that I am appalled by the homophobic spin the media has put on this whole thing. The fact that the woman is a lesbian should be completely irrelevant. I guess I’m a bit naive to think that the media would let that one go. Or maybe this really is proof that you shouldn’t let them queers breed…

So anyway, my gut feeling is to be a bit grossed out by it all. I completely understand that these women are pissed off. I would be pissed off too. But I think I would be pissed off and then realise that I needed to get over it and concentrate on parenting my two beautiful daughters.

The retort
And then I read the article above and completely understand and support the very clear and valid political points these women are making. Dammit. Why is nothing ever black and white?


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