When did it become ok to spend ridiculous amounts of time online? When did the stigma around online relationships and friendships lift? Did I spend such a long time denying my geekiness and internet addictions that I missed the fact that I no longer have to hide it?

I’ve finally moved on into the world of facebook. I resisted for such a long time but after harassment from several friends, and one in particular (thanks J) I have moved over to the darkside and I love it. And I can’t believe the amount of people I’m finding. My IRL social life has picked up 100% because I’m reconnecting with old friends. Tomorrow, I’m having coffee with an old friend who I lost touch with 6 years ago. Last I heard, she was living in Brisbane. It turns out that for the last 2 years, we have lived 2 streets away from each other! Weird huh!!??

Of course there’s a down side too. What do you do when people who you’ve happily lost contact with request to be your friend? So far I’ve ignored two requests and reluctantly accepted two other. Is there some kind of internet etiquette book that I haven’t yet been privy to?

Anyway – what I really want to say is that aside from its superior time wasting capabilities, facebook rocks (and I cannot believe I’m saying it!)


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  1. hey i just found your blog….i know this was an old post, but i loved it! (I work at facebook) 🙂

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