I’m really tired and really sad today. I think we have to skip out on sperminating next week and maybe for the rest of the year. There’s really no point until we get this thyroid under control. I still haven’t decided how I’m going to deal with it but I’m leaning toward a bit of everything, even western meds, because TTC is too important to me, right now, to leave any stone unturned.

I had some acupuncture yesterday. My TCM practitioner is giving me treatments for re-current miscarriage which is smart. I’ve also started on the supplements and am reading all I can on various autoimmune diets. Opinions vary wildly and nothing I’ve read is nearly as radical as the diet the doctor recommended. Hopefully I’ll find a happy medium that will gel with me.

That’s about all I’ve got the energy to report right now – my next job is to go back to doc and get a prescription…wish me luck – I think she’ll be reluctant to give it to me.


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