the days, the weeks

How does a week fly by like that? I’m shocked that it’s been a week since I last blogged.

Anyway, I’ve just come back from the pathologist – had a stack of blood drawn to re-check my thyroid levels and am hoping the news is great. I’m certainly feeling a whole lot better. I definitely have the increase in energy and positive outlook I was hoping for. I’ve even been walking home from work (6km, takes about an hour) most evenings which I would never have been able to do even a month ago.

The real reason I’m hoping my thyroid levels have clearly improved is that I’m about to ovulate. My appointment to get my results is on Thursday and I’m expecting to ovulate on Friday. I won’t insem if my levels haven’t vastly improved, but if they have, I’ll be going straight from the doctors surgery to donors house with a specimen cup in hand! And then I’ll be back for another donation first thing the next morning.

I can’t wait to be back on the merry-go-round of ttc neurosis!

Oh, and Barb – I totally caved and had way more than 2 pieces of pizza (more like 4 or 5!) and it was great!!! but I totally paid for it the next day when I looked 6 months pregnant and felt gross for 24 hours!


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  1. Barb

    Wow! You were even naughtier than I was! hahaha. I paid for even two slices, so I can imagine how icky you felt! Sorry for my indirect part in that. 😉

    Seriously, you have to splurge every once in a while or you’ll go mad. I’m firmly back on the wagon now for a bit. Although I am allowed one small bad thing a day. (like a mini candy bar or something).

    Hope your levels look good! I get mine done soon too and just had my thyroid u/s! I hope they’re good as well b/c my follie scan is on Thursday! We’ll be on a similar cycle!

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