Sanity prevails

Despite Ducks thinking that I’m talking, wishing, thinking, hoping too much about the possibility of pregnancy, I’m actually doing really well with the wait so far. Granted I’m only 2dpo but I’m definitely feeling decidedly more sane than at the same time in the last 2ww. Surely the fact that I haven’t imagined a single symptom yet speaks volumes.

I think my sanity is helped by the fact that I’m distracted by my career crisis which, is no longer a crisis… I think I’ve made the decision to enrol in a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy). I went to an open day and info session at the school I want to go to and it got me very excited. They really managed to ease most of my anxieties and assured me that everyone has panic attacks about the chemistry subjects! They’re also really flexible and happy to have people move between full and part time which is what I’ll have to do.

I’m so excited. It really feels like everything is falling into place. I know this thyroid thing is not the biggest drama in the world but it’s really helped me put my life into perspective and sort my priorities out. I’m so thrilled it all happened!


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