hot in the city

I’m sure I’m not the only Melbourne blogger who’ll make reference to the heat in their blog entries this week. It’s hot here. The temperature has been in the high 30’s for the last couple of days (that’s about 100 Fahrenheit). Typically, this kind of weather is reserved for January and February. That it’s this hot now doesn’t bode well for the rest of summer. I’m choosing to look at this though in a positive light. I think it may be a sign.

This week is going to go down in history as a memorable one. It’s election week in Australia – we’re all gearing up to go to the polls on Saturday and it looks like this nutjob may finally be booted out after 11 of the most regressive years in our history. I’m not holding out for any major progressive change when the ALP take reign but it’s gotta do something for the psyche of the country to no longer have to look at John Howard. What I’m really holding out for is the Greens gaining a couple of Senate seats and gaining the balance of power. And, it looks like it might actually be possible. Now THAT would be good for the psyche of the country.

And, it might be the heat, or it could be that testing earlier on has intensified my obsessing but I am so having twinges in my uterus and my boobs are HUGE and sore.

Imagine if Howard lost and I got a BFP this week. It’s possible. šŸ™‚


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  1. owl

    agree with everything you have written.
    especially the BFP for you and BFN for poo bum howard!

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