crazy making

I am officially not coping. I have bad nausea and if I’m not nauseous I have horrible reflux. My boobs are the size of watermelons. I’m really absent minded. I’m teary. I’m tired but I can’t sleep. I have completely lost my zen and my imaginary symptoms are rife. Oh dear. I’m going to try and hold out from testing until Saturday – which is when I think my period may come.

I’ve got an acupuncture appointment this afternoon. God I hope it helps.

Wish me luck.



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3 responses to “crazy making

  1. vee

    Oh wow, you’re, what, 12 DPO now? I say test!!!!

  2. Chips

    I can’t. I really want to wait until Saturday. Meanwhile, I’m trying to convince myself that it’s all in my head. Saturday is 14dpo so if it’s a negative then it’ll be a true negative. I think this limbo land thing is harder than knowing it’s negative. y’know?

  3. vee

    Fair dos. I’m a total hypocrite anyway, cos I’ve yet to pee on an HPT, though I’ve yet to reach 14DPO either. The waiting is shit, no matter what you do. If you test and it’s neg, you could still convince yourself that’s because it’s too early, and not a true negative. But then you wouldn’t know any more that you do now anyway.

    Will email you re. thyroid thing – thanks!

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