You can imagine what’s going on in my head now that it’s been more than 24 hours since the cramps and spotting came and went…and still no period. I don’t want to be having these thoughts. It’s 14dpo. But maybe it’s only 13dpo. I did seem to have EWCM for a really long time this month – I certainly still had it on the day after I thought that I’d ovulated. And the acupuncture I had would have assisted implantation….

This is so not fun. I’m sure I will have streaming blood before the day is out.

The upside is that John Howard is leaving today! WooHoo. And, if I get my period, I will soooo be having a glass of wine or 3 to celebrate the mans demise. And we’re going to see the Women’s Circus tonight. Life may be a little torturous right now, but it really ain’t all that bad.



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4 responses to “torture

  1. owl


  2. Chips

    I can’t. I know it will be negative and then I’ll feel stupid. My heart knows I’m not pregnant, my head wishes it were different.

  3. vee

    Period or no, I admire your spirit. Having been through a “will she, won’t she” last month, I get the no pee sticks thing. Stay strong.

  4. Barb

    The waiting and hoping and second guessing TRULY sucks.

    Glad your politics went the way you wanted though! 🙂

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