A bit of analysis, a huge amount of physical pain, bleeding as though I’ve been sliced open and an extremely tired and hormonal me suggests that perhaps I had a chemical pregnancy. If not, something else has thrown my thyroid way out of whack again and I feel (and look) like shit. I’ve barely been able to keep my eyes open since Sunday, I’m all puffy and my psoriasis has flared up big-time. I’ve thrown some extra vitamins into my ridiculous thyroid regime and am really hoping they’ll get me back on track fast. At the moment though, the countdown to Christmas is travelling at snails pace. Bring on my 3 weeks annual leave!

Ducks put in her resignation and despite a fear it would lead them to treat her even worse than they had previously, it’s resulted in just the opposite. They were genuinely disappointed and begged her to stick around until they find someone to replace her in the new year. She’s still taking 3 weeks leave over Christmas/New Year with me but she’ll go back part time after that until they find her replacement. Meanwhile, they’ve started making comments that suggests they’re regretful of the bad treatment they’ve given her. Which is good on one level and appalling that they are aware of their behaviour and still let it happen, on another. I know she’s not thrilled about going back in the new year but I’m happy to have the assured income because I’m a little bit freaked out about the money situation.

And I had my interview for Naturopathy on Monday – it was great and they offered me a place on-the-spot. Now I just have to decide if I really want to do it. But that’s a discussion for another day.



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2 responses to “bang

  1. vee

    Sorry that you’re feeling rough again, especailly after all the work you put into getting everything balanced out. I hope things settle down quickly.

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