’tis the season for atheists

Yay for Christmas season. Let me state at the outset that I’m not a Christian. Actually, I do my best to be a good atheist but on most days you can find me firmly planted in the agnosticism camp. I don’t usually get into the Christmas thing. I mean, I love Christmas Day and all but it always feels like such a stress to get to that point. Most years, we have to coordinate 4 families – sometimes all in one day – usually all within 48hours. Other years we have travelled overseas with an intentional departure date of Christmas Eve just so we could avoid the drama of family Christmas.

Perhaps it’s the prospect that we will soon have our own little family, but for some reason, I’m into Christmas this year. For the first time, we will be hosting Ducks’ immediate family – happily on the Sunday before Christmas – for their annual soirée. I’m cautiously excited.

Yesterday we went shopping and bought decorations for the tree (which we’ll buy next weekend) and got almost half of our gift-buying out of the way. It was exhausting and Ducks and I had a few minor disputes over my insistence of a red and silver theme (for the decs, not the gifts) but it was fun and I’m enjoying being part of the Christmas cheer.

Today, I’m thinking about our menu. A flourless orange cakes and plum pudding ice cream is definitely on the menu. So too is a cajun chicken salad. And a calamari salad. Beyond that, no decisions have been made but I’m looking forward to sitting down with a pile of cookbooks and magazines and getting inspired. My biggest criteria are that it must be impressive, easy and appropriate for HOT weather. Barbecue-able would be a bonus. Any thoughts or ideas?



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2 responses to “’tis the season for atheists

  1. Barb

    We have the same issue with food appropriate for hot weather. haha. Sometimes it’s hot, sometimes it’s mild, so we kinda just have to wing it. 😉

    I think the salads sound lovely. My Filipino DH has a fruit salad that is scrumptious (though bad for you!). It is jackfruit, apples, grapes, pineapple, banana and cantaloupe I believe with condensed milk, regular milk and something else. If you’re interested, I can get the recipe. If not, no biggie. 🙂

    What about shrimp?

  2. vee

    I did a Christmas in Victoria once, when I was travelling in Australia. I was staying with distant cousins and bless them, they did everything they could to make it Christmasy for me (as in what I know of Christmas) – full turkey dinner (cooked outside on the BBQ) a tree, and the air con cranked up COLD! I have never been so homesick in all my life! That said, I could do with a bit of sunshine right now. Oh, and the calamari too – that sounds great!

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