Time Travel

So, two insems down (we did our second one yesterday morning) and now I’m freaking out about timing. I think I should be 1dpo but my temps have not yet risen and I’m still testing positive on OPK’s and have been since Thursday. My CM is tending toward sticky and tacky now. (TMI apologies) I really hate this timing thing. If my partner were a man, I’d just be having s*x everyday for a 10 day period – sure, the s*x may become a chore but it couldn’t be nearly as anxiety ridden as having 2 tiny windows of opportunity per month and spending 2 weeks worried that you didn’t get it right. Short of falling pregnant though, how can we ever know if we got it right?

The fortunate thing about this 2ww is that these are two of the busiest weeks in the whole year. I have Christmas drinks, a pile of work and dinners aplenty to distract me from my obsessive neurosis. Not to mention a family Christmas to plan and cater for. The down side of course is that I can’t drink at any of these events. This is a particularly big disappointment as Ducks’ work Christmas celebration is a lunch at the most exquisite winery in the region. Small sacrifices I guess and perhaps I could have just one drink!?

On a completely different note, do you think I should be concerned that someone found this blog by goggling ‘plump torture’? What do you suppose they were actually looking for?? Ducks thinks it’s hilarious! I’m not so sure…



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3 responses to “Time Travel

  1. sara

    I HATE, HATE, HATE the timing issue, but from what you write, it sounds like you hit it just right. And for the record, I DO think you should have that glass of wine at the party! Here’s to a holiday BFP!!!

  2. Barb

    EEKS on the googling thing!

    Sometimes our temps are not exactly point on for the exact day of O. So the progesterone may be in your system but not enough to raise temps just yet. Sounds like you hit it right though!

    And have the glass of wine! It won’t affect possible baby until weeks later when it’s part of your blood stream. 🙂

    And for the record… I think sex baby timing can be almost as bad. We usually only had one to 3 (4 on a really good time) days that counted toward possible baby anyway since I do NOT have enough drive to go every night. ugh. But I do understand your dilemma. 😦


  3. Kim

    Lots of luck ladies!

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