Positive Patty

Ok. Last nights post may have been a bit premature and pessimistic. I woke up this morning with pains in my uterus and a big rise in my temperature. I’ve now moved from not even thinking about testing to wanting to test today at 7/8dpo. I’m dropping our donor and his lovely partner at the airport on Friday night and I’m having fantasies about telling them I’m pregnant before they jump on the plane. What fun that would be!

The amazing news that I forgot to report yesterday in my gloomy state is that the laws here are changing!!! DP will now be recognised on the birth certificate as our child’s bona fide, legal parent. And we can now access assisted reproductive technology in our own state. There are other amazing things included in the reforms but it is disappointing that they left adoption out altogether. Nonetheless, the laws here have been so backward for so long that it’s a great relief to see this progress.

We’re off to Ducks Christmas lunch at the winery today. I had a couple of drinks the other night and felt ok about it, but now that I’m having imaginary symptoms, I’m not so sure about that glass of wine… I think I’ll google on that!



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3 responses to “Positive Patty

  1. Att

    Do not over stress a glass of wine. It probably relaxed you and probably had a very low alcohol content. Any little growing seed (hope of all hopes for you!) won’t feel the effects of an occasional sip of wine or beer. However, if you get the urge to down shots of Jager for hours on end… you might want to google that. =)

  2. sara

    I have everything cross-able crossed for you!

  3. Barb

    YAY for the changing laws!! That’s FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And the wine is ok right now. I swear!

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