Grumpy Gertrude

I am in a stir today. My temperature has taken a serious nose dive. There is cat fur on everything I want to wear. Ducks took the car to work and I’m feeling too lazy to catch public transport to get to anywhere I need to go. I should be doing some work but I can’t muster the motivation. I need to start preparing some of the Christmas food but can’t be assed.

In short, I’ve convinced myself that I’m not pregnant and it’s got me feeling this hybrid emotion of sadness and rage.

It’s only 8dpo. How do I move past this?

Oh, and for what it’s worth, I did have that glass of wine yesterday and seeing as I’m in a self deprecating kind of mood, I’m sure that drinking it has ruined every chance of making this cycle a positive one.

No one could ever accuse me of being a drama queen. no.


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One response to “Grumpy Gertrude

  1. Ninefirefly

    Cat hair is always on everything I want to wear. . . how do they know??

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