9dpo Update

Thanks to everyone for your warmth and your loving, supportive words. They really mean something and definitely help!

Not quite as psychopathic today. My temperature is back up to its highest peak. It’s such a tease. I wish I could work it out. I think I’ve got some slight cramping in my uterus but I’m not convinced that it’s not imaginary or period pain. My period is due on Friday, I think.

More Christmas drinks on tonight but this time, I’m content with sticking to water. (It’s so much easier not to drink when you actually enjoy the company of the people you are with!)

Am at work so should do some in order to avoid working over my break.



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2 responses to “9dpo Update

  1. owl from: http://enoughgrows.wordpress.com/

    Oh! I missed commenting yesterday! just wanted to say that regardless of cost, fertility status and level of complications with a cycle a negative is a negative and it sucks and it feels the worst. There is nothing to prevent the downfall. and your loss is no less significant than those who have IVF and are on their 25th cycle.
    still thinking good thoughts, and secretly hoping your thermometer mysteriously breaks so you can stop torturing yourself with what ever number it shows.

  2. QueerBabyMaking

    Okay, so I tried to leave you a long, supportive comment the other day (just imagine and insert here all the lovey supportive things everyone else has said), but then my computer ate it. Anyway, after being a bit of a chart-stalker on MDC, I have to say that your dip looks like a possible implantation dip to me. And I can tell you that cramping is normal around implantation…

    Anyway, my fingers are crossed for you!

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