There’s a pattern running here. I feel pathetic and certain I’m not pregnant, I blog. You all tell me that this is tough stuff and reassure me that everyone’s on my side. A couple of days later, I start to feel ok and I blog about it. The next day, I bleed.

Woke up with a temp drop, cramps and spotting this morning. Looks like there won’t be a BFP for me this Christmas. At least I didn’t waste any money on tests this month.

I just happen to have a doctors appointment this morning. I’m going to show her my chart and ask about progesterone? I dunno – but it might help.

No insems in January – our lovely donor doesn’t get back from his trip West until the day after I’m due to ovulate.




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3 responses to “jinx

  1. vee

    Boo indeed.

    Sorry loves. Hope the holidays lift your spirits a little and maybe, just maybe you’ll ovulate a day or two late in Jan – now wouldn’t THAT be cool?

  2. owl from enough grows

    crap. so sorry. new year, new baby perhaps?

  3. Barb

    An 11 day LP doesn’t sound too bad.

    Sorry it sucks. 😦 Boo to the no january too.

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