It’s 9.30 on Christmas night here and while the unlimited wine over the last 3 days has been wonderful, I’m so glad that it’s over.

I feel like I’ve been drinking for weeks. And now I’m ready for a years worth of sobriety. Pregnancy would be well timed right now because I can honestly say that I will not be missing alcohol for quite some time.

Laden with very generous gift vouchers, Ducks and I are going to brave the Boxing Day sales in the morning. I wonder if I’ll still be sworn off alcohol by the end of the shopping mania??



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2 responses to “Dry

  1. Sarah

    I totally remember that feeling. I have some slight issues with my over inulgence with alcohol, so I decided to go dry a little over a month ago. I had two glasses for xmas and it was nice, but not nice enough to get tipsy 😉 Good luck and I hope the new year is great for you! Shopping during this time would drive anyone to drink. oxox

  2. tiff

    Happy New Year! Good luck!

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