Raging NYE

It was hot. We tried to be jolly but it was a struggle to keep our eyes open, let alone have a party. Instead, we ate great food, drank good wine and watched a whole stack of Season 1 of Roseanne. At 10.30, another couple arrived and the night picked up a bit after that. We ate and drank some more, watched the midnight fireworks from our hosts bedroom, chatted for 20 more minutes and found ourselves tucked tightly into bed by 1am.

The cool change came through at about 2pm today (New Years Day) and it was very welcome when it did. Too bad it didn’t take away my sunburn!


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One response to “Raging NYE

  1. Salihah

    Happy New Years!!

    Found your blog link through the MDC blogging mama tribe. : ) I was offline for awhile and am catching up on the new blogs added!

    You got a new camera? Are you loving it? I had just gotten a new one and then promptly left it on a train between Washington DC and Minneapolis. It’s gone and all the pictures on it, too. : ( Oh well, I have the memories…or so I keep telling myself. LOL!

    Wishing you love, peace, and joy for 2008!

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