All the cool kids are doing it…

That’s right kids, I have packed up all my blogly possessions and moved thanks to some great help from a couple of online folks and Ducks. This new site is not doing quite what I want it to but give me a few days and I reckon I’ll have it looking pretty spiffy.

Hopefully, you’ll have found your way here thanks to the nifty little redirection Ducks placed on the old blog site. I’ll take the old site down in a week or 2 so in the meantime, please change your bookmarks.



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4 responses to “All the cool kids are doing it…

  1. vee

    Hey, fab, you made it! I’m so sorry to have been usefull in the face of your request for wordpress help – your comments got spammed for some unknown reason and I only discovered them last night. But clearly you needed no assistance from me! Very nice new blog home. And I loved the nifty little redirection. Class.

  2. I was just thinking.. “How did she DO that?!” haha. I have no idea how to redirect or any of that stuff. Have fun with the new space!

  3. lovely! it took me a bit to get used to the wordpress ways, but i like it a lot more now. glad you made it! snazzy page. ox

  4. Oh god – am I the last blogspot girl?

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