Just a few random thoughts

You may like to offer comments or suggestions on all or any of these:

1. In last nights dream, we had a new baby boy. I didn’t have to birth him, but he was mine. He also slept right through the night from the day he was born. I woke up feeling guilty for not doing 3 hour feeds in the night and for making him wear disposable nappies (diapers).

2. I’m going back to work next week. I’ve clearly come a long way because as much as I don’t want to go back, it’s got more to do with loving holidays than hating work.

3. About 9 months ago, a prominent lesbian blogging couple named their son the same name (first and middle name) that we have been intending to use for our son. We have wanted this name for many years. We will probably never meet this couple. It’s fine to use the name, right? People will think we’re copy cats.

4. It’s going to be hellishly hot again for the next few days. Fortunately we’re going down the coast for a couple of days and staying in a hotel with air con. I’m pretty impressed by this happy coincidence.

5.  We’re having 10 people for dinner tonight in honour of an Aussie friend who is now a Vancouver gal.  We’re just having a BBQ and I’m gonna make a good old Australian pavlova for sweets.  I think she’ll be suitably impressed.  When I told her we were doing a BBQ she shrieked with joy.



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4 responses to “Just a few random thoughts

  1. owlie

    Welcome to wordpress! (nice choice of layout 🙂 )
    1. i see all dreams about babies and birth as good things, like birth and babies are possible because even your subconscious/higher/what ever term you like self thinks you will have a baby.

    3. I don’t think it matters. If it is a name you have always liked then stick with it, people you are unlikely to meet surely can’t influence baby names? (unless you like the same names as brittney spears-i think that counts!)

    4. lucky you for air-con. i have decided we need to make some friends with money so we can hang out at their airconditioned houses instead of sweating it out in ours.

  2. Wow, newborn babies sleeping through the night. That sounds pretty good!

    Totally okay to name your child that!!! That’s been your dream, and just because of the crazy coincidence that someone in blogland named their baby that, doesn’t mean you need to give your dream baby name!!

    I love air con. SOOOOO much.

  3. i’ve worried about the name thing too. it seems that we all have certain associations with our favorites, good and possibly copied. as long as it’s not your best friend’s baby or boss’s name, go for it. they’re just names. i’m one of a trillion sarahs and never minded. also, if someone picks a name that has never ever been used, it usually is just weird. xoxo

  4. Kylie

    Hi! just wanted to say you have a nice looking blog! Hope the trip to the coast was lovely.

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