2 techy questions

1. Is anyone finding that WordPress is losing about half of the comments they leave on other people’s blogs?
I’ve been commenting like crazy in the last couple of days but hardly any of the comments are showing up.

2. Can any of you see a way that my flickr account could possibly link to my blog?
I’m told that someone found my blog via my flickr site but I cannot work out how! If this is indeed the case, then the Anonymity stuff still stands and the flickr link is coming down ‘cos there is no way I want my Mum to find my blog!



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8 responses to “2 techy questions

  1. Hmm – not had the same WP probs you’re describing. When you say your comments are not showing up, do you mean they’re not showing up inside your own dashboard, or that they’re not showing up on people’s blogs? Some people have set comments only to appear after approval and sometimes comments do get spammed by mistake (in fact I think that happened with some of yours on our blog before). Worth emailing the bloggers (if you have addresses for them) and asking them to check their spam?

    On the flickr thing, I’m not sure, but if you don’t get as definitive answer from anyone else, I’d be happy to try and find my way from your Flickr account to your blog to see if it can be done, if you don’t mind me having access to your photos. Gimme a shout if that’s useful.

  2. Actually, I can get to your Flickr page and view all the photos you have on there by clicking the Flickr photos on your blog. Wonder if that means it can be done the other way round too?

  3. Yes the Flickr link works out of the blog, but I don’t see how it would the other way.

    Your comments were being marked as spam on my blog for a while. I didn’t even realize it, but once I found them and marked them ok, there’s been no problem.

  4. plump

    Hmmm – yes, I know it goes to my flickr account – but does it go the other way? I think not. But I can’t work out why friend M would have told me otherwise?

  5. owlie

    hey..i just checked my spam, two of your comments were in there, i have unspammed them now! let me know if it happens again and I will de-spam you!

    hee hee hee…de spam sounds so rude!

  6. You’ve just been saved from spam-limbo over at our blog too. Not the first time either, so de-spamming you previously hasn’t fixed the problem. Weird. Any joy asking WP what the hell is going on?

  7. plump

    No joy…
    Why doesn’t WP love me? I thought this WP thing was the start of a beautiful relationship!

  8. plump

    Oh…and it turns out that my flickr account doesn’t link to my blog…someone got their story wrong!

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