no more hysteria

I sent our darling donor an email with this months dates and just a kind of ‘check in’ to make sure he’s happy to keep going as we’re going. It had been less than 24 hrs before the hysteria of not having heard back got to me and I posted what I posted in my previous blog entry. Just now, 19 hours after sending him the email, he replied.

“I’m still more than happy with things, it’s really no huge strain on my
part. I would have hoped, for your sake, for a more efficient outcome though. “

He said other sweet stuff too. I am such a dork. He is such a darling.



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3 responses to “no more hysteria

  1. ninefirefly

    Hey, I am tagging you! Check out my bog for details!

  2. He IS a darling! Yay! Also.. per your other post… yay with the acu! Have you thought about herbs too? That’s TOO cool. Why can’t I have a TCM friend?? haha. And who can EVER resist tiramisu? I’ve been very bad over the holidays as well.

  3. plump

    Yep – I’m taking herbs too… and drinking raspberry leaf tea and and and…
    Something’s gotta work, right!?!?

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