Out of sorts

Despite the quick defusing of my donor related hysteria late last week, I managed to work myself into quite a state and have really only just come down from it.

Partially I think I’m a complete nut job, partially I had my period and partially I think I was a bit sick and those 3 things combined made for me being a royal pain in the ass. There’s been tantrums and tears, sulking and swearing and a helluva lot of hypochondria thrown in for good measure. Ducks has been nothing but supportive and uber-patient and I am once again reminded of how wonderful she is and why I want to co-parent with her.

So, onwards and upwards now. I’m shaping up and doing all I can to make this cycle THE cycle. The house is clean. I’ve been taking my vitamins, minerals and herbs religiously (Yes Barb, I am taking herbs as well as the acupuncture…). I’m practically swimming in tea (of the raspberry leaf and green variety). I’ve been walking lots and I plan on more. I’m enrolling in an 8 week pilates class as soon as I get paid. I’m doing my darnedest to learn to meditate and I have pre and post insem acupuncture already booked.

Here’s hoping I can maintain my zen beyond our insems next Tues and Thurs.

PS. We saw Juno yesterday and I didn’t think it was pro-lifey at all. I actually thought it was a really cute little film and I cannot wait to see what Ellen Page does next.  Extra points for the Kimya Dawson / Moldy Peaches soundtrack too!



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2 responses to “Out of sorts

  1. So sorry things have been out of sorts. I’m swimming in tea here with you. I’m all crossed for your next cycle and wish you all kinds of lucky duck dust. ox

  2. Wow! You have been busy and dedicated! I don’t think I ever made it quite that far in the healthy realm. I just get so disheartened b/c i’m so screwed up that it seems nothing will work.

    I’m hoping a lot for you though! It seems like you and Ducks would be great parents. Your good relationship certainly will be a benefit to the child.

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