on helping your friends through their ttc trials

There are some things that help…

…like suggesting your friend drink raspberry leaf tea and offering them a hug or a sympathetic ear.

And then there are things that really don’t…

…like waving other peoples newborns in front of you and expecting you to go gah gah over them – cute, yes – heart wrenching, definitely!

2 DPO and that pre ovulation hope has all but faded.  Something is telling me that next month is THE month.



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4 responses to “on helping your friends through their ttc trials

  1. Why do people do that? Seriously. Someone did this to me recently, and it wasn’t ever her baby either!! She kept insisting that the baby was passed to me to hold, thinking it would be just what I wanted, given that I was trying and all. Stupid bitch. I ended up hiding in the toilets to cry before sneaking off. It was hard enough to be there anyway, without having that foisted on me in front of an audience. I feel for you.

  2. ninefirefly

    That does really suck. My cousin asked if I wanted to feed her 6 month old at Xmas. What could I say, no? Then my mom insists on taking a picture. Like she’ll never see me with my own kid so she’d better take pics now. I was pissed.

  3. 😦 xo

    Chips – Per your comment on my blog… I thank you from the bottom of my heart, but the human mind really is amazingly adaptable. I am hurt more than I can ever express by this process, and the pain goes more deeply than any other emotional pain I’ve felt, but at the same time, I’m dealing with it a step at a time. It’s incredible, really, how much we can deal with if we only try. So it’s not really a testament to me, but to the resiliency of the human mind.

    As for what I do? I take care of animals. 🙂 The animals are what make my job so worth it. I also contribute to some conservation activities.. again, worth it. I’m also lucky in that most of the people on my team are really great human beings, and my friends. So there are all the reasons I like my job. There are also many reasons I DON’T like it, but for now, those are in the minority.

  4. gah! so sorry. some people are just inconsiderate. i’m all crossed for any month being your month hun. it will happen soon. oxo

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