back on the horse…

Wow. I have been a slack blogger.  Even when I’ve blogged in the last little while, I haven’t really blogged.  It seems to me that blogging is a bit like going to the gym.  It’s all good and fun and inspiring until you miss a day or 2. Then 2 days becomes 2 weeks and 2 months and so on…. Before you know it, you haven’t been to the gym for 2 years, but in your head, you’re still a gym goer.  You might have had a good day once, last May, when you just popped in and did 10 minutes on the treadmill and half ass-edly lifted some easy weights. Hell, you’re still paying the monthly membership, you might as well get something out of the $50 a month you’re pretty much donating to the YMCA. Still, you do want to be a gym goer. And you really want the benefits of being a gym goer.  But the longer you leave it, the harder it gets.

I am in that place with blogging  at the moment and NOW is the time  to get my groove back.

So…Today is 8dpo and I’m feeling pretty sane on the pregnancy possibility front. Despite the ugly and inexplicable rash which covered my face and neck from Saturday until Thursday (that the doctor thought was shingles!!! It was NOT shingles.  — I hear you Owlie on the NO available Dr’s thing – I tried 10 clinics before I went to a dodgy drop-in place), the cramps that woke me up 2 nights ago and the pretty chart with a possible implantation dip, I am neither getting excited, nor talking myself into wonderful and mysterious symptoms. I have to confess though that I’ve been very lucky on the acupuncture front this 2ww.  A friend of ours had to flee her house because of a re-infestation of bed bugs and alas, said friend, a TCM practitioner has been with us all week. I’ve practically had acupuncture on demand all week and it has been wonderful. It really helped with my spots and itches too.  If I’m pregnant this month though, I think 90% of the kudos will have to go to A the acupuncturist!

…I’m off to work out how to link fertility friend to the blog now…

It’s good to be back!



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5 responses to “back on the horse…

  1. Your writing about the gym made me laugh– that is totally me! And rock on with the on-demand acupuncture!! I would love that!! I am hoping that this is your cycle!!

  2. The stuff you wrote about the gym really cracked me up– that is TOTALLY me!! And rock on with the on-demand acupuncture (even better than on-demand cable)! I am hope, hope, hoping that this is your cycle!!

  3. acupuncture on demand? heavens. i hope this is it for you love. and glad you’re back at the gym… er… blog. oxxo

  4. Ooooo! Acupuncture…. yay. You do sound awfully sane for 8 dpo. I’m all crossed over here.

  5. Wow! You are SOOO lucky! Tell her she can stay in MY house for a while! Free room and board in Central Florida! (other than the acu on demand. 😉

    I hear you on the blogging.

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