Bring on the chocolate and roses and reject the broken hearts

It’s been a pretty sweet weekend here at Chez Plump.  The idea of me being pregnant is getting more tangible and less conceptual these days and even Ducks is getting into reading all the baby books. Until now, I’ve pretty much driven this TTC machine and have felt a little nervous about it in the sense that I worry that I’ve bullied/pressured Ducks into the whole thing.  The truth of the matter is, that were she not with me, children would probably not be on Ducks’ agenda for several more years, if ever. What I’m starting to feel more comfortable understanding now is that she is with me and because she loves me, she wants to have a kid with me.  And because the timing right now makes sense, we are doing it now. Does that make sense?  I figure this isn’t the strangest concern ever, right? Think of all the reluctant first-time Dads out there.  Often it’s not until the baby pops out that they ever really connect with the wonderment of it all.

Anyway, I have to say that my heart sang this morning when she asked me if I’d taken Nurofen for my headache/fucked neck yesterday…”Because Kaz (Cook) says you musn’t take ibuprofen when you’re pregnant!” Of course, I knew this, I’ve probably even told her this several times, but she’s into it now and the information actually means something to her.  And that, my friends, makes me very happy.

Also making me very happy was Ducks suggestion yesterday to go to have a look in BabyCo at some of the big ticket items. Shopping for babywears has not been an issue either of us have broached – perhaps out of superstition or maybe I just haven’t wanted to push the issue too much – so yesterday was fun…and shocking. I cannot believe how expensive cots are. $700 for a bit of pine with glossy white paint. I don’t think so, particularly ‘cos we expect that we’ll co-sleep a lot of the time anyway. We came home and logged into ebay. Same cot, 2 years old – $70. Ebay is my friend. BabyCo is not.

The sadness of yesterday was the final departure of A the acupuncturist. After one final needling and 3 hours of reality tv (we LOVE So you think you can Dance -Australia) last night, we bid her farewell.  Of course, she only lives 5 minutes away but I think I’ve truly exhausted my privilege at this point and am incredibly thrilled and grateful for all the spoiling I’ve had.

Which brings us to today, Monday.  I’m due to bleed on Wednesday and my chart is looking very pretty.  I will not test before my period is due which means that POAS day is Valentines Day. What more poignant (or cheesy) way to celebrate our 7th Valentines Day together than to confirm a pregnancy? Sure it’s a sign…just like all the pregnant women at the supermarket are a sign, and the great sale on maternity clothes, and and and…   Regardless, our fingers and toes are crossed for an unforgettable Valentines Day. It’s almost too exciting!



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5 responses to “Bring on the chocolate and roses and reject the broken hearts

  1. ninefirefly

    I hope you guys have an awesome Valentine’s Day!

  2. It makes perfect sense. 🙂

  3. owlie

    hoping the best for you!
    i love that you are excited this close to 14 DPO. that has to be a good sign.
    yay for live in accupuncture and for an amazing valentines day.
    omens are omens!

  4. I hope this is it!!!!!!!

  5. am on tenterhooks for you and will be checking in as often as i can between now and then. Valentine’s day is a perfect omen….

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