I’m teary, distracted and the only one in the office today but in the spirit of blogging at work, I will try to keep this brief.

  • Melbournites – I know there are at least a hand full of you out there. Who is you GP? Do you love her? Is she open to complementary therapies? I’m getting desperate. I need someone who’ll validate that my thyroid still isn’t right and that it is, indeed, related to my fertility.
  • Friends/Readers –  Remember that old blogspot page I used to have? It’s going down in a week.  Please update your bookmarks.
  • Gluten free folk – what do you eat, that isn’t rice, when you NEED carbs?

That is all. I must get some work done.



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5 responses to “Housekeeping

  1. I can be helpful with those things!

    1. GP
    we had a wonderful doctor that we thought was really queer friendly and who we thought would be eminently useful during the TTC process but she turned out to be almost useless. so recently we found a new one who runs a women’s health clinic and who gave us very sensible advice (and a referral to a fertility clinic!) at our very first visit. we credit her with our BFP actually! it wouldn’t have happened nearly as fast without her advice. as for complementary therapies, i’m not really sure where she stands, though when i mentioned my naturopath she wasn’t completely dismissive. speaking of, have you seen a naturopath about your thyroid and other issues? can be very useful. all that said about the gp, she’s been great so far but we’ve only seen her a few times. seeing her this afternoon actually for pg confirmation and referrals and stuff. All that said, she’s over our side of town which is quite a ways from yours i think. Email us ( if you want her details.

    2. gluten-free carbs!
    gf pasta
    homemade gf breads (cos the bought ones are pretty crap – we just use the bread mixes we get at the supermarket in a breadmaker and they are awesome)
    quinoa – at health shops. kind of like a cross btw cous cous and rice
    rice flakes – good in baked stuff and as porridge cos oats aren’t gf
    corn chips
    potato anything
    we also eat lots of lentils, chick peas, split peas and other legumes which are quite carb heavy.
    nuts and seeds

    mostly we just make stuff using normal recipes but replacing with standard gf flour that’s available everywhere.

    And we went to Silly Y.ak’s for lunch. I even had gnocchi. YUM!

    there you go. you may have kept it brief but i sure didn’t!

  2. No help at all for any of that stuff, but I just wanted to say that I’m sorry to hear you are feeling tearful.

  3. sam

    Dr Diana Cardamone

    Level 3 Harley House
    71 Collins Street
    Melbourne Vic 3000
    03 – 9650 4218

    she’s only there 2.5 days so kind of hard to catch, but worth it!

  4. plump

    Thanks folks. I’m excited by the prospect of a great new doctor.

  5. Quinoa, quinoa, quinoa. I’m not gluten free, but quinoa is often my carb of choice. Cooks fast, looks pretty, tastes good. Plus, the first ever package of it I saw back in 1988 or something called it the Super Grain of the Future. You’ve got to love a starch with a superhero name.

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