babymaking crazy style!

Heh. So much for thinking I might be insem’ing a wee bit early, if at all, this month.  Sitting at home, alone, yesterday afternoon I decided to do a OPK test, just in case. I’d done one on Saturday night but it was very clearly negative so I wasn’t thinking much about this one.

It was, of course, a very strong, very clear, very dark POSITIVE. On CD 12. I don’t usually ovulate until CD15. Eek. Ducks was uncontactable. KD was uncontactable. Eek.

Ducks came home later in the evening and called KD.  Last night was not a good night for him and we agreed to a morning insem, which I would have to do on my own, today.

Well, I insem’ed in the most manic way possible. Left the house at 8.45. Got caught in horrible traffic on the way to collect the swimmers and what should have been a 7 minute drive turned into a 35 minute drive – during which time I made a Dr’s appointment for 10.15 because that’s all that was available…got home with the swimmers at 9.35. Pee’d. Shot the swimmers up Put my legs in the air for 10 minutes. Tilted my pelvis a bit. Tried to give myself an orgasm. Jumped up. Felt a stack of something rush down my leg. Threw on some clothes and ran to the Dr.

So – I’m thinking it was probably a wasted effort, right? I really didn’t give myself enough rest time and I’m pretty sure most of the swimmers ended up swimming back out again. Anyone wanna tell me differently?

The upshot of the whole exercise was that the Dr – who I have never seen before, was young and I think a bit intimidated by me, and was really agreeable and ordered all the blood work I asked for and more! This is a great step forward and I’m thrilled to finally be having my progesterone tested! (and Vit D and prolactin and FSH and LH…and thyroid, again!)

BTW – Dr said to get the tests on CD 21 but I’m thinking that’s the generic day… It’s better to do it 7dpo, right?

Off to get some more free acupuncture to kick off the 2ww.



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10 responses to “babymaking crazy style!

  1. vee

    But hell, yes those swimmers could totally work. Girls get pregnant screwing standing up for heaven’s sake!

    Woo for getting the bloods you want too! And yes, I’ve always taken CD 21 to be a generic measurement and gone 7 DPO.

    I’m so jealous of your free acupuncture!

  2. Sorry for the manic insemming! Usually the rule is that you should stay down for at least 10-20 minutes. But like all those crazy people that try to make you feel better say, “It only takes one!” Especially with our KD’s low load, I’ve got this line a lot and it hasn’t made me feel better. But it is true. Here’s to hoping that the best one made it.

    Yea for acupuncture and telling the docs what to do. ox

  3. GL with the new doc!

    I’ll tell you differently. 😉 The swimmers really don’t need all that long to move up into the area they’re supposed to. Usually the stuff that gets out is mostly seminal fluid minus many of the “boys.” It happens during non-insem babymaking too, and for quite a bit afterwards. 😉

  4. Hey just found your blog:)

    And people get pregnant when they are on the pill! When they have a quickie! Lots of random times. I think it could totally work for you:)

  5. yup, another sara

    Yes! Barb is right! After all, many, many hetero people DO NOT lie around AT ALL after sex and they seem to be doing just fine with the whole reproduction thing!

    p.s. I always hated the forced, post-insem. orgasm. Talk about taking the fun out of masturbation!

  6. good luck. hope the unusual insem is all you need to get that baby!

  7. wishing you lots of good sperm/egg collision thoughts.
    even though it was hectic, it makes for excellent storytelling.

  8. Am in awe of making doctors do what you want! I’m just not good at that.

    And as for the crazy insemination, think of the conception story it just might make! And I fully believe that all the effort has to have some effect on letting the universe know just how much we want our babies.

    Am crossing fingers for you.

    (And I tagged you! 😉 Check my blog)

  9. hey, i just tagged you, check out our blog. Hope the tww is flying by!

  10. Wait. How have you not had your prog. tested? Weird.
    Fingers crossed.

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