Catch up…

Gotta love hotels with wifi floating around the place. Ducks and I are currently down at the beach, having some much needed R&R and bidding farewell to summer in its waning moments. The laptop came with us so we could watch movies – the internet access is a happy bonus (And something that we’re apparently supposed to pay for, but it seems we’re getting it for free!!).

It’s been a big week since the crazy insem on Monday. Work is nuts but productive and not nearly as painful as usual but I’ve had little in reserve for blogging, I must admit.

Went to a new naturopath on Thursday night. WOW. I’m really glad I did. She acknowledged and validated everything for me. She looked at my charts, listened to my story and took my history and agreed with everything I’d been intuitively sensing. She agrees that I’m in a bit of trouble and that my thyroid, despite nice looking numbers, is still wreaking havoc. She also admitted straight up that she wasn’t confident taking me on as a patient and referred me straight to the big wig, fertility guru woman (and she’s a dyke to boot!!!). This woman is usually impossible to get into but I got lucky ‘cos the lovely naturopath I saw used to work with her. I’m booked to see her this Thursday. I tell you though, I look forward to putting some money in the bank or paying off the credit card instead of spending it on healthcare! I’ve been averaging $100 a week lately which really is MUCH more than I can afford.

This 2ww really has been a non event thus far. 6 dpo and I am more convinced than ever that there is no way in hell that I could be pregnant and I really am fine with it. Knowing that I’m about to get some great help in the hormone stakes has me confident that I’m finally on the right track. I may still be pregnant by our May trip to Bali!



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4 responses to “Catch up…

  1. Yay for feeling like you’re in good hands with the naturopath! And even bigger yay for a little R&R !!

  2. vee

    Hurrah that you got right in to see the big wig naturopath. Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  3. Yay for good medical news! I often feel that thyroid stuff causes a lot more problems in the whole system (especially reproductive) than doctors give it credit for… even when it’s been “fixed.” So many people with thyroid disease, but good numbers have so many problems. ugh. HATE it.

  4. Big wig lesbo baby maker? I want one. We have a lot of things in common on this ttc trip, but you my dear are handling it so much more gracefully than I am. I look up to you a lot and hope some of your loveliness will rub off on me through the computer. Enjoy your R&R. xo

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