I’m bleeding. And given the torture of the last few days and the certainty that I wasn’t pregnant, I’m pretty thrilled about it. Some of the emotional torment is definitely waning now that my pain is more physical.  Some of the physical pain is worsened by the fact that it’s 37degrees people. That’s celcius. Or almost 99f. Crazy stuff in March, don’t ya think?

So, onto another cycle – the last opportunity I will have to be pregnant by my birthday. I’m a bit sad about this prospect, because the original plan was for me to be pregnant by my last birthday. Of course, we didn’t end up starting the ttc process until a few months after my last birthday but I never imagined I’d get to this birthday without a bub in tow.



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9 responses to “red

  1. vee

    I’m sorry about the blood.
    I hope you get your birthday wish with this next cycle though.

  2. And so it goes. 😦 I really hope you have better luck than I have in that department. here’s lots of well wishes for you!

  3. yup, another sara

    I make these deadlines too– ‘I’ll be pregnant by Christmas, by my birthday’, etc. If it’s a matter of having to pay enough hell, I think we’ve all paid ours by now– I’m hoping this next month is the one for you.

  4. this weather is sending me crazy! I had decided winter was on its way and am very annoyed that we have had to get the fan back out!

    Hoping that you get your birthday baby…that will make it a christmas babe in arms?

  5. so so sorry.

    and the heat is a nightmare, isn’t it! at least we had a temporary reprieve today.

    thinking of you.

  6. So sorry love. I understand the feeling of being glad to see the blood when you know it’s coming. It’s agonizing to wait for. I am putting all my stock in this next cycle for you. I think of you often and keep your hope next to my heart. It will happen dear. It will.

  7. Crap. I am so sorry. It’s coming, babe. I know it is.

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