Bloglines – on being in the cool crowd.

As usual, I’m the last one at the party and everyone else is probably ready to leave.  I have finally gotten myself acquainted with bloglines .

At the outset, it seems pretty exciting. I love being able to sneak a quick look while at work – it saves me from surfing to un-updated sites and risking getting caught.  It’s so easy to subscribe and I’m always up-to-date. Until 5 minutes ago, I love love loved bloglines.

If though, like me, your self worth is sometimes tied to the popularity of your blog personality, then bloglines can cause problems.  Because if you read my blog via your bloglines page, then I don’t get the blog visitor numbers I’m looking for to boost my ego.   My ego takes a further battering when I notice thus, that I only have x number of blogline subscribers while popular patty over there has xxx number.

So, to bloglines or not to bloglines? What’s a girl to do?

Maybe, with bloglines in the title and tags of this post, I’ll get an influx of google hits and will once again feel loved and popular…



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10 responses to “Bloglines – on being in the cool crowd.

  1. I’m sorry! I bloglines you, and therefore don’t “hit” you. So count yourself more popular by one than you thought you were. 🙂

  2. I’m one of your subscribers!!!!!!!! So feel that I make you popular even thought I’m not “hitting” you!! xxoo

  3. I don’t use ’em.

  4. I came over from Barb’s blog comments and saw this post and chuckled to myself. So, here’s a little love to make you smile.

  5. Too cute Freyja.

    I don’t bloglines either. I get too tied up in that stuff. I know what you mean though.

    And thank you for your sweet comments. You continually surprise and honor me with the things you say.

  6. Don’t do the whole bloglines thing. You’ll always get hits from me !

  7. Ps. Holy awesome Koala shot!!!! WOW. How jealous am I that you live in Australia. I want to visit so badly. A lot of my family has visited…. NSW I think!?!? Cobbity I believe they said. Anyway, I love Missy Higgins … ha ha, and just your country in general. I love your accents and I just think it is a beautiful place. Look forward to going one day!!!!

  8. Do both! I subscribe to you (and over 100 others!) and when I see you have a new post, I click on your title and it opens up your blog page and I read and comment here. xo

  9. yup, another sara

    I may be the last person on the face of the earth who is nhot using bloglines (but I think I will definitely have to start soon)!

  10. I came across your blog today and followed your link to Bloglines – stayed confused for awhile – sorta still? I thought it maybe a good way to get my blog out there.

    I ended up with your same very questions/dilemma. I’ll take the advice as some of your commenter’s – I’ll see what happens. Like my mother always says, ‘Nothing beats a Failure but a Try’.

    Happy Blogging My Friend,

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