I’ve seen the future and it’s not pretty!

I had a glimpse into the future last night. My mother is going to be a NIGHTMARE grandparent.

She hosted a bbq last night and my step brother and his wife brought their 5(!) boys (!!!). We don’t have a lot to do with this side of the family because the rest of my step siblings are awful, nasty, mean-spirited people. Anyway – Mum has always wanted to be more involved with these kids and decided to be proactive – inviting us all over for dinner.

You have never seen so much sugar! There were easter eggs everywhere. Sweets, desserts, soft drinks (soda)…you name it. And crap everywhere – she went to Aldi and bought as much cheap shit for them to play with as she could find.

I know grandparents are supposed to spoil their grandbabies but surely you’ve gotta have some boundaries and respect for the kids parents.  In fact, I distinctly remember her battling with my Nana over exactly these issues.

And it wasn’t just the food/crap stuff that was an issue.  She was judgmental and prescriptive and out of control….telling the 6 month old exclusively breast fed baby that it was a little fatty…and telling the parents that they shouldn’t call Sebastian “Basti” but rather “Seb.” Like it’s any of her business what nickname they call their own baby.

I spent the whole night saying, “Mum, they’re not your kids – their parents can make that decision!.”

I don’t think I’ve ever had enough compassion for people with interfering grandparent issues but I do now.



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2 responses to “I’ve seen the future and it’s not pretty!

  1. I fear my MIL as a grandma!!

  2. I hear you. Both Angi and I have sweet mothers that are going to turn monsterous with a grandbaby. I dread the day. Kudos to putting your mom in place (or at least trying)!

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