Play with me!


It’s an egg-y kind of day and I need distractions because we did our first of 2 insems this morning and I’m already feeling impatient…

Stolen shamelessly from Grace at What if No Ones Watching?

iTunes meme

The job for you, dear readers, is to correctly identify the songs from which these first line lyrics come. Songs chosen randomly using the shuffle function…

  1. “Starting now the wait is over as long as you jump the ride.”
  2. My friend assures me its all or nothing. I am not worried, I am not overly concerned.” Anna Begins – Counting Crows (Sara)
  3. “Sometimes I don’t know where this dirty road is taking me.”
  4. Sucking on my titties like you wanted me, calling me.” Fuck the Pain Away – Peaches (ninefirefly)
  5. “Sometimes I find I get to thinking of the past.”
  6. “I’m free balling, yeah, I’m free falling.”
  7. “So if you want something, and you call, call.”
  8. “Dignified in what she does when she sings.”
  9. “Life is like a roller coaster. It does flips and throws you over.”
  10. How can I go home with nothing to say?” You Had Time – Ani D (Sara)

I’m slightly embarrassed by the lesbian cliche this list represents me as…but I’ll survive. Feel free to recommend some new and interesting music – cliche or not!

And just in case you’d prefer obsessing to game playing, my chart (thanks MrsBluemont & Ducks for explaining the technical stuff!)….chart-23-march.png



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6 responses to “Play with me!

  1. Cool! Looks nice! I don’t have any idea for the songs. 😉

  2. I love charts!!!! (bookmarking this so I can follow along!!!!)

  3. Hey, I insemed today, too! Go us!
    Sadly, I cannot identify any of those lyrics…..

  4. yup, another sara

    I am a long time Counting Crows fan, so I know that #2 is from ‘Anna Begins’ and the last line is from the Ani song ‘You Had Time.’ I really thought I would be able to get more of them. I listen to very “lesbian” music myself, but two of my faves are Chris Pureka and, lately, the Be Good Tanyas (I’ve been listening to their album ‘Hello Love’ pretty non-stop). Are you going to tell us the answers?

    Yea for insems!!

  5. Timing looks great … !

  6. Number 4 is ‘The Teaches of Peaches’ by Peaches. Good luck with your insemination!!!!

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