3 dpo? maybe?

A lovely online friend offered me some very wise words about Fertility Friend a few months ago. “Fertility Friend is wack!” Never a truer word spoken. Who knows when I ovulated? I think it was yesterday. FF doesn’t. Perhaps I should take bets?chart-26-march.png

So, what do you think? I reckon my timing was probably quite good, regardless.

And how cool to be tww’ing with other cool queer ttc’ers – starrhillgirlmrsbluemont,
who else? I’m pretty sure there’s more of us!



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6 responses to “3 dpo? maybe?

  1. I’m thrilled to be here with you! FF is totally bonkers. I have a feeling it’s going to try to set my ovulation days before I believe it happened. Remember to follow your intuition and exercise that override feature if you need to!

  2. yup, another sara

    I may be the only lesbian on the planet who is not using Fertility Friend (although I have tried to use it in the past), so I am probably no good here– but if I were you, I would trust my instincts! Fertility Friend be damned!

  3. Your chart looks good to me! Good luck! I’m a little behind you, we are not inseimating until next week. 😦 Bummer. Hopefully April will be a BFP month to remember!

  4. i am not very good with charts. i loved scans!
    but it looks good to me. I am hoping with the moon and fertility symbols everywhere and getting close to your birthday that things are finally falling into place for you.

    i hope this month is quick and painless….i hope it is full of joy and two wonderful lines on a stick.

  5. i am sure i already commented here…check your spam?

    I am no good at FF, but it looks good to me!

    hoping that everything falls into place for this being your month for wonderful-human-being-making.

  6. Looks good to me too! I think what happens often is that the o occurs in between days so that it’s really hard to correlate signs and stuff. I think I tend to O in the wee hours of the AM. Just a hunch based on some of my signs…


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