fantasy land

I have been deeply embedded in tww fantasy land for the last few days.  Fantasy is great but it really does make you feel really stupid when reality sets in.  Humour me, nonetheless, while I report the following imaginary symptoms…

  • twinges – in my uterus. Lots of them.
  • pains – in my thighs. And in my boobs. As though I was about to bleed. But it’s way too early.
  • horrific and vivid dreams – resulting is hysterical crying in my sleep.
  • frequent urination – even more so than usual.

And to top it all off, my chart is looking prettier than it’s ever looked. Pregnant or not, vitex is my drug of choice!




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8 responses to “fantasy land

  1. Your chart does look promising! And the symptoms too – but they are such a tease aren’t though. I’ve never been so neurotic as during the TWW. So are you going to test on Friday or before? I’ll be watching with great interest….

    Our next scan is on Friday, when we’ll also tell Princess, so a big day for us too!

    Here’s hoping that Friday is a great day for both of us.

  2. Vitex does rock. It totally regulated my cycles!!

    And…odd and horrifying dreams is my pregnancy symptom of choice!

    Sounds promising 🙂

  3. You know how horribly negative, reserved and realistic I try to be by now about these possibilities. I can’t stand being let down. So for now, thought it DOES look good, I’ll just say, GOOD LUCK! 🙂

  4. gorgeous chart! fingers crossed for you!!

  5. Chart looks lovely!! I am hoping this is it girls!!!! FX

  6. Now I’m just giddy! Very exciting news lady. All hopes. Wish I could adopt M. ox

  7. yup, another sara

    Your chart looks awesome! I will be eagerly awaiting the outcome!!

  8. yup, another sara

    and . . . i am trying to change the font size/color in my blog– it may take a while, so bear with me . . .

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