day by day

This pregnancy thing is hard work.  I know I should be reveling in joy but I’m still having trouble trusting that little squeak is going to stick around.  The nausea that has been so dominant for the last two weeks all but disappeared today. Granted, my boobs are killing me, but that nausea has been so reassuring since the appearance of those two pink lines and is like my security blanket.

Nonetheless, we are forging forward.  I’ve had a host of blood tests, got a referral to the birth centre, booked my 12 week ultrasound and told a handful of close friends.  And I’m fantasising daily about my last week of work – sure it won’t be until mid November but I can finally put a time on it and that, my friends, is something to be excited about.

We are also going to Bali in about 5 weeks. I’ll be 10 weeks by then but being the stress head that I am, I’m worried about flying in the first trimester. I know it’s irrational, but my mind is just so full of ‘what if’s?’

The hardest thing is that time has virtually ground to a halt.  I thought the tww was bad, but no matter how many times I close my eyes and click my heels, I am rarely any closer to the 13 week safety valve.

Phew…so neurotic, so boring. Next post I’ll tell you some fun stuff. For now, I’m taking my sore boobs and my crazed self off to bed.



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6 responses to “day by day

  1. Yeah for sore boobs, good blood tests, and double yeah for Bali!!!!!!!!

    Time may be slow, but it is so that you can enjoy every moment of being pregnant, it will be over before you know it!


  2. Can’t tell you how close to home this hits! I was just telling K today, that I think this is worse than the TWW. I just want to hear that heartbeat and know that everything is OKAY.

    Yay for Bali though! Holy crap exciting! That should get your mind off it A BIT, right? Don’t worry about the flying thing too – you’re totally fine!!!

    Ok, I’m hoping the time flies for you – really!! SOO excited again that you are pregnant!! Our babies are gonna be so close in age!!

    Oh, and I forgot to ask – are we going to be getting belly shots regularly 😉 ?

  3. If I could pick any place to be at any time any where in the world, it’d be Bali. I’m am crazy jealous. The flight may kick up your nausea, but I am sure it is completely safe. Don’t you dare put off such an exciting adventure! Your babe will thank you for taking hir on such a fabulous first trip.

    The waiting must be terrible. Frettful. I’m sorry it’s hard. I hope time goes by quickly and you are able to relax a bit about your bun.


  4. I totally understand feeling a bit neurotic. I’m there a lot! And I’m not even preggers yet. I imagine I will feel a little insane with all the things to worry about.
    My hope for you is that you can enjoy a few minutes a day of being pregnant whether you are feeling nausea or tired or not.
    And I think Bali sounds amazing!!! And definitely a great distration!

  5. This is so worse than the TWW. I wish I could push the FF button and magically take home a healthy baby.

    I’ve the sore boobs too. Are you bloated? Mine is awful!

  6. day by day is the way to go. that little being grows 55 billion trillion times from conception to birth (yes i am making those numbers up!) but it changes day to day so living with pregnancy is a day to day thing.

    i hope you are having just a little joy…just a smirk of happy everynow and then?…even with crippling neurosis this is still a lovely time.

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