8 weeks today!

Again, it’s been a while. I really hope I’m more motivated to blog soon. I hate this kind of blog neglect.

I’m 8 weeks today. I’m learning to manage the nausea a bit better now – it hasn’t gone, not by a long shot, but I do get periods of several hours where it lets up and that, my friends, is a good thing. According to the scientifically accomplished, well respected wik.i.pedia journal, my chance of miscarriage is now as low as 2%. I am greatly comforted by this stat because up until now, I really have been a bundle of nerves.  Ducks and I have a tour of the birth centre tomorrow night! I’m so excited about that. I’m sure it’ll really help in making this feel real.

My latest neurosis is the Bali trip. It’s less than 2 weeks away now and I only have 3 more days of work before I go on leave which is uber exciting. I’ve done a stack of reading and I have no reason to believe that the flight will cause a miscarriage but I’m nervous about the transit time and finding food that I can stomach on the way there and once we arrive. Because we’re using frequent flyer points to get there, we have the crappiest flights.  Usually it takes us one direct flight and 6 hours to get to Bali. This time, it’s 3 flights and 17 hours….including a 1am-7am stopover on the way home. Considering that all I wanna do is barf and sleep right now, I’m just a little bit concerned about this scenario.  The food situation isn’t too bad. I won’t get to eat all the yummy Indo food I usually indulge in but there is plenty of boring, bland Western food in Bali and if memory serves me right, a few yummy juice bars had popped up the last time we were there too.

I must sound like such an unappreciative, spoilt brat. Poor Chips, she’s pregnant and she has to go to Bali. The poor love, I don’t know how she’ll survive!!

We had breakfast with our donor and his lovely partner this morning. They’re so excited for us! It’s so lovely to be so well supported and loved.  J, his partner can’t believe that something so tiny can cause so much sickness and discomfort – boy is she in for a shock when she gets knocked up in a year or 2!

…I’ve just read over this post. At best, it lacks flow – but I’m pretty sure it’s fairly incoherent. Apologies. With a bit of luck, I’m be blessed with full health and energy in the 2nd trimester and may be able to contribute something witty, interesting and lucid. Until then, this is the best I can do!


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  1. I am exactly one week behind you!!! I’m really hoping that nausea leaves you soon and you have an incredible time in Bali!!! I am very jealous!!!!!

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