home again, home again

We’re back and all my neurosis was completely unfounded. I am still very much pregnant!

Bali was good, not great. I spent a fair chunk of the time being a misery guts and sleeping a lot and then feeling guilty for not making the most of my awesome holiday. When all was said and done though, there could have been a million worse places for me to be sick and tired. Enforced relaxation in a tropical paradise is most peoples idea of total bliss.

The nausea is really starting to back off now which is soooo wonderful. I actually haven’t vomitted in over a week and I’ll be surprised if I do again. I’m still gagging a bit and my tummy still has its wonky moments but compared to the sheer misery of weeks 7-10, I’m a million percent better. My boobs have settled down a bit too. They’re absolutely enourmous and are very ugly and veiny but are barely sensitive at all anymore. All in all though, I think I’m on my way to the auspicious 2nd trimester glow and I can’t wait!

Back to work tomorrow and I’m dreading it. I know it’s never as bad as the anxiety that precedes it but I would so love not to have to go.



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5 responses to “home again, home again

  1. glad the vomiting has eased off…hope it never comes back.
    hope you get the 2nd trimester glow…it would be nice to know someone who gets that good bit!

  2. You’re back!! Oh how I missed you. Sorry you had a rough few weeks, but glad you got to spend them on holiday and not in an office. Here’s to a glorious 2nd trimester!

  3. yup, another sara

    I’m glad you are back and that you at least got to rest in a tropical locale!

  4. Welcome back and soooo glad youa re starting to feel better!

  5. Glad you’re feeling better!

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