Welcome Back Appetite!

I think I may actually be hungry. I have a crappy cold which usually stimulates my appetite but I think it’s more than that. I have intense and specific cravings. Right now, I must have a chicken schnitzel panini from a cute cafe in one of Melbournes many laneways. Were I not immobilised by this cold, I’d be on a tram on the way to get one. Circumstances being what they are, I’ll have to wait until I go to work tomorrow. I had another craving last night – chewy choc chip cookies and Ducks being as awesome as she is, changed out of her PJ’s, walked to the supermarket, bought the ingredients and came home and baked for me. How lucky am I!!???

Don’t get me wrong, I still have some serious aversions but if I can add a new meal to my limited repertoire every couple of days, I may actually be back to eating 3 meals a day within a month! I’m excited.



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2 responses to “Welcome Back Appetite!

  1. yup, another sara

    Ducks rocks! This sounds like something that Renee would do for me– I’m happy to hear that you are getting to know (once again) the joys of eating–

  2. Welcome back appetite, and just WELCOME BACK! Glad you had a pretty good vacation and I’m thrilled that your morning sickness is pretty much gone. I think I’m pretty much in the clear now too!! (fingers crossed). We are so close! I’m only 3 days behind you!!! Are you going to post belly shots? 😉 Enjoy some good food girl!

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