Winter Solstice

On Saturday, Ducks and I celebrated our 7th Winter Solstice and hence 7th anniversary together. Pregnant and exhausted, I was a party pooper and piked on dinner and movies, opting instead for Indian take away Big Love on the tv.  Full and ridiculously bloated we barely made it to 9.30 before we rolled from the living room to the bedroom where I promptly passed out. For me, this was a perfectly perfect scenario. We’re good together and adjust pretty effortlessly to each others rhythms. We support each other unconditionally and love each other without boundaries. I honestly couldn’t be happier with us – with where we are in our lives and where were going. I can’t wait to be a Mama with this woman!

And then…like it wasn’t bad enough that I passed out on our anniversary, I had to jump out of bed on Sunday morning and get on a plane for a work meeting in our nations fine capital. Poor Ducks -rejected and left alone on our anniversary weekend and she still loves me. How lucky am I?

Canberra was hell in the end. Aside from the general frustration of a meeting where politicians and bureaucrats speak rhetoric and not much else, there were several other factors working against me… Parliament was sitting so there was little to choose from in the hotel stakes…and where they ended up putting us was truly awful.  I’m not many years from my many many backpacking adventures where I barely blinked at cockroaches in my bed but I’m pregnant right now and am increasingly reliant on creature comforts. A shoebox room with stained bed linen and a tiled floor really didn’t do it for me. That I developed a cold about 2 hours after arriving resulted in a downward stream of misery. I was sick. I missed Ducks and I was freezing cold. In the middle of the night they turned the hotel heating off! When I woke up in the morning, the radio reported that it was currently 1 degree and all I was covered by was a sheet and a light blanket. It’s a wonder I don’t have pneumonia. And then, with a snotty nose and a persistent cough, I had to sit through an 8 hour meeting! I deserve a medal or a pay rise. Or both.

I’m home now and it’s bliss. I don’t intend to get on a plane again until Squeak is earthside.

I leave you now with my belly, which feels enormous but I’m assured it’s not.

I’m not dreaming, it’s got an aura, right?



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4 responses to “Winter Solstice

  1. Definitely has an aura! How cool. That belly looks EXACTLY like mine. I swear. We are so close….our babies are so going to be friends. Ha! How can we make this happen!? Honestly, I come over to your blog sometimes, just to see what your ticker says (since you’re 2 or 3 days ahead of me) and to check out your latest posts (and belly shots of course, as they’re my fav). You look great and I cannot get over my happiness for you both!!! It’s also heaps of fun to be going through this (timewise) with someone in blogland! xo Ps. I can’t wait to feel the baby move, kick, flutter or ANYTHING… let me know when it happens for you!!!

  2. Definite aura! You look GREAT. Sorry for the nightmare work travel!

  3. awesome belly…
    happy solstice!

  4. yup, another sara

    This is a great picture! I’m sorry about the trip from hell, but glad you made it back safe and sound.

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