What’s in a name?

Owlie asks all the right questions. Recently she asked about names. This is an interesting one. You see, for the longest time, Ducks and I had a boys name and a girls name which we both loved. It was settled. The boys name was one that we had both loved, independently (since wayyyyy before we met) for a long time. The girls, we easily agreed on well before the TTC journey began. And now? Now that we have this tangible, real baby growing, I’m not so sure. There are so many beautiful names out there and I no longer even have difficulty finding boys names that I love. I feel this pressure to choose the perfect name because this child may well be our one and only. If we get this wrong, there mightn’t be another chance. Sometimes I wish we were having multiples, just so that I could use all the names I love! I’m not allowed to share the names we have (had) picked out but to give you an idea, we like classic names which aren’t crazy popular. Of course, classic names are getting more and more popular but I’m learning to live with that. After all, my name has been in the top 10 list for a million years and I survived just fine.  Based on a few of my selections, Nymbler – a website which generates suggested names, tells me I might like to consider these names:

Felix (male), Jolie (female), Rose (female), Charlie (female), Lila (female), Oliver (male), Sebastian (male), Lilah (female), Scarlet (female), Willa (female), Audra (female), Clementine (female), Casper (male), Ophelia (female), Marcella (female), Aurelia (female), Clare (female), Alexander (male), Jude (male), Olive (female), Mika (female), Finn (male), Stella (female), Francesca (female), Annabella (female), Nico (male), Ruby (female), Sam (male), Rosa (female), Luka (male), Luca (male), Ada (female), Lucy (female), Lola (female)

It got it pretty right too – most of my favourite names are among this lot… other suggestions welcome too though!

And then, there’s the whole surname conversation.  Ducks and I don’t have surnames that mix well and both of us feel very attached to our own names. I’m not happy about it but I think we’re going to have to lump poor Squeak with a double barrel surname with no ring to it at all. What s/he decides to do with it when s/he gets older is entirely her/his prerogative. Until then we’ll probably use Ducks surname for everyday stuff but both names on official documents etc.  This is going to take some adjustment for my mother who has some strange attachment to our surname – despite her having inherited it from my father from whom she’s been separated for 25years.  Anyway, what are you all planning in the surname stakes?

I don’t intend to do this every single week but I’m just blown away at the weekly changes in my belly right now. The comparison is incredible!

Tiff – I wanna see your 16 week tummy too! We’re in a race to the end, you realise!??!



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6 responses to “What’s in a name?

  1. yup, another sara

    Naming is so complicated and the task of naming someone feels weighty– as a Sara, I have often complained about how many people have the same name, yet there is something solid and simple about the name that I like. I tend to like “classic” names as well (I call these ‘nursing home chic’). Great belly!

  2. Wow, many of my favorite names are in your nymbler list. We’re not sure about surnames yet but we think we might give the baby that Fern carries my last name and the babe that I carry hers. It’s imperfect but our two names really wouldn’t hyphenate well.

  3. I love so many of the names on that list! Good luck picking! You have such a gorgeous belly. I’m so gooey happy for you and Ducks.

    As for the surname, our names were really rhymed and we couldn’t combine. And though I think I had a really super cool surname, I wasn’t really attached to it. Nor was Angi to hers. So we picked something entirely new and changed them when we were starting ttc.


  4. ha ha ha!!! we ARE in a race! i’m doing the 16wk belly shot tomorrow, and will post it at the bottom of my most recent blog post…so check it out. it’s looking quite similar to yours (which is absolutely lovely, by the way!!!! BIG change from the last shot!!!). Ps. IS your belly getting hard??? Cause mine totally is…..

    Your names are so cool too… I have a few favs on there too! As for the whole surname deal….I’m sad to lose my last name….but I’m taking K’s. Her family is supportive of our relationship….mine isn’t….so it sort of sealed the deal. I like the whole 2 surnames thing though. It gives your child the option later 🙂

    Loving reading, by the way! xo

  5. thanks for the website link! tell me why my own name populated based upon my name choices? how cool is that??? i think this tool is pretty spot on.

  6. jen

    Holy cow, I just tried out Nymbler and it came up with two of my favorite girl names based on 3 of my favorite boy names, plus another boy name I love. now that’s just CREEPY.

    You could do as my friends did, and give your child a 2nd middle name that is your surname. It seems a lot of folks are doing this around here… like Maisie Anne Jones Young and then she could go by Maisie Young or, if she decides to be Maisie Jones Young when she’s older, she can do that too…

    We hyphenated for our son and our last names flow together fairly well. He has no trouble pronouncing it and no one seems to have problems with it except hospitals and airlines whose databases do not permit hyphens. In that case it just all runs together.

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