why work?

I am almost as excited about giving up my job as I am about having this baby. Seriously. I plan to finish at about 36 weeks and am already counting down. It doesn’t help that work is sucky and everyone there is miserable right now. It also doesn’t help that I’m finding it more challenging than my pregnant brain can manage. And it certainly doesn’t help that people who have been there for way less than my 4 years (1 year voluntary, 3 years paid) have come and gone because of the same said misery.

It’s not that I’m not deeply committed to the cause of my work (I work for a small womens NGO), it’s just that in a tiny workplace, with crappy resources, ridiculous budgetary constraints and too much work for too few hours/dollars, everyone burns out eventually. That most of us have burnt out at the same time is really unfortunate because in trying to lessen each others misery/load, we’re all finding ourselves taking too much personally. It seems that there are some great cons to a workplace that is genuinely caring and supportive.

It’s weird to think that middle class women, just a generation ago, gave up work as soon as they were pregnant – often as soon as they were TTC.  My Mum thinks I’m amazing to still be working. As happy as I am that women are now able to continue with their careers during their childbearing years, I so wish that it wasn’t about the financial imperative which, for many of us, it certainly is.

And in much more exciting news, we bought a pram today. A Valco Rad with bassinet, on eb.ay. We aren’t quite ready for big ticket purchases but I couldn’t go past this bargain – it’s almost new and we got it for $200. It retails for $700! The catch is that it’s in another state and city – fortunately though, a city where one of my best friends lives and where I just happened to be planning a weekend jaunt in the coming weeks. Yay.

It’s bedtime for me. Must sleep so I can go to work and earn $$ to pay for impulse eb.ay purchases!



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6 responses to “why work?

  1. My heart goes out to you love. I worked in similar situations before selling out to The Man, and it was such a dual edged sword. I loved my work but the nature of NGOs hates workers. Always never enough money, time, support, etc. When you leave at 36 weeks, are you done for good? Are you going to stay home full time? Sorry if I’m being pushy, I’m genuinely interested. I’m not sure how we’re going to do it and really look up to you two. Hope work gets easier. You’ll be home with your baby before you know it.


  2. Stroller is so nice!! I can’t wait to not have to go into work too!!!!

    Belly shot?

  3. yup, another sara

    I love the stroller! I work for a non-profit, so I completely understand the ‘too much work, not enough resources/money’ thing. I’m glad you’ll get to step away for a bit.

  4. I hear you on the NGO thing. We formed a union at ours and the conditions are quite a bit better. It’s no easy task, though.

    Good bargain hunting on the stroller!

  5. I hate that it’s an imperative as well.

  6. Ah, the small women’s NGO. Me, too.

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