Thanks to a generous tax return, we bought a new bed yesterday.  Our current bed is only 6 years old but is also only a double and wayyyyyy too small for the 2 of us. Ducks is a cuddle monster and chases me to the very edge of the bed most of these cold winter nights. Though we don’t plan to co-sleep in the strictest sense, we will be side-carring Squeaks cot (crib) to our bed and I’m conscious that there will be nights when Squeak sneaks in with us. There is no way that the 3 of us could ever survive in that bed. In recent months, said bed has also developed the most hideous of squeaks – to the point that the tiniest move wakes up the whole house. Rolling over is and event and sex in that bed is simply out of the question!

No one told me about the extent of pregnancy insomnia. I certainly never expected to have it from so early on but it’s honestly been 15 weeks since I’ve had two decent nights sleep in a row. I was never a puller of all nighters – not for study nor for partying.  I never thought I’d be so well acquainted with 2am – 5am but alas, I am. It’s a strange paradox because there aren’t many nights where I can stay conscious much beyond 8pm either. If only there was some happy medium. That said, aside from the exhaustion, I’m feeling pretty darn great and not at all entitled to complain. I love my pregnant pedestal and my emerging belly. I love that despite the wearyness, people tell me that I’m glowing.  And I really love the little feet that keep butting my insides. For a couple of weeks I wasn’t convinced that it was anything more than gas or nausea but in the last week, I’ve really learned to tell the difference. It’s been wonderful and even Ducks has felt it once.

Anyway – the new bed… It’s bigger, does not Squeak and is super comfortable. Delivery won’t be for a couple of weeks because we’re having some drawers built in (yay for storage!!). Until then, I’ll be counting sheep and putting all my faith for a good nights sleep into our new bed.



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4 responses to “sleeplessness

  1. yup, another sara

    Congrats on your new bed! I have been coverting the Tempurpedic for a while now, so there may be one in our future. I’m so glad you are loving being pregnant– you deserve it!

  2. Att

    Thank the gods for new beds!

    My partner is such an insane cuddle monster, too. I usually find myself pillowless and hanging off the side of the bed. Yarg.

  3. Jen

    We are also on the search for a new bed.

    I lay down on IKEA’s most expensive latex mattress and love it… wifey lays down and says “ugh, it’s too soft.” She lays down on their version of a piece of cardboard cushioned by bricks and says “ah, that’s much better.” As you can see, we are at a bit of an impasse.

    We have been saving for over half a year to buy a new mattress. I may actually order Tempurpedic’s little ‘in home test kit’ and see if I can convince her, as we can actually (unbelievably) afford to buy one now.

    Alas, we will not be going up in size to a king – I wish we were, as we always seem to wake up with a little boy in our bed. 🙂

    I haven’t slept in the same bed as the family for at least 2 months now… I retreated to the guest room to get a full night’s sleep back in late April. Our son would climb in every night around 4 and wake me up, and I’d never get back to sleep. Since we anticipate that our sleeping arrangement post-new-baby is going to be her sleeping with our son and me sleeping with the new baby, it’s working out all right, although I do miss the alone time with her at bedtime.

    btw – having your baby next to you or even in the same room is still co-sleeping, just not bed-sharing. Co-sleeping is sharing the same sleeping space, be it the bed or the room. We sidecarred the crib for 2+ years, and then the toddler bed for another year. It’s a super way to keep your baby close and still have your own space. Now our son sleeps in his own bed (sometimes, ha) in the corner of the room, but, oddly enough, my partner always wakes up to him right next to her. He’s obviously not ready to sleep by himself… we’ve come to terms with that. 🙂

  4. Congrats on the new bed and feeling Squeaks move! I’m so happy Ducks felt it too. I can not imagine anything more incredible.

    Good luck with the insomnia. We use sleep masks when we can’t sleep well and lavendar oil. Seems to help some.

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